Green Fund

The mayor mentioned Council’s desire to establish a local green fund for sustainable development and environmental protection in his presentation of the 2019 budget highlights. Council then passed By-law 19-781 to establish the green fund at the regular council meeting on January 7. La Pêche will use the fund to support innovative projects from the community and actions in areas such as fighting climate change, managing waste, protecting water, and caring for the soil. Green fund support for those efforts is a natural outgrowth of La Pêche’s 2019–2023 strategic plan, in which climate change is one of eight identified priority issues.

An implementation policy, an application guide and form have been produced to facilitate the project submission process.

If you wish to submit projects, here are the dates to remember:

    • 1st application deadline: March 1 
    • 2nd application deadline: September 1


    For any information:


      • Projects funded after the 1st call for projects

      The Green Fund was set up with two calls for projects, one with a deadline of March 1 and the other September 1. A total of 18 eligible La Pêche organizations applied for the March 1 deadline. This first running of the Green Fund will award $92,042 to the 12 projects in the table below, assuming they produce the required documentation. The Green Fund’s leveraging effect can be observed in the third column, showing the percentage of total funding provided by the Municipality.  

      Project and applicant

      Amount granted

      Project Percentage

      Implementation of organic waste collection, Municipality of La Pêche
      The Municipality’s project will coordinate the new compostable organic waste collection service within the Municipality, implement and track the collection service, and assess ways to optimize it.



      Eurasian water-milfoil: Beating an Invasive Species, Gauvreau Lake Environmental Protection Association
      The Gauvreau Lake Environmental Protection Association initiative will include an information and awareness session on the water-milfoil problem and will discuss control methods and behaviours to adopt.



      Educational series, La Pêche Coalition for a Green New Deal (LPCGND)
      The Coalition aims to educate and empower community members and help them develop and create local solutions to the global environmental crisis.



      A manual for neighbourhood resilience in La Pêche,
      Gary Martin
      This pilot project aims to develop a resilient neighbourhood response plan for future emergencies caused by natural disasters or catastrophic events.



      Waste management and sustainability improvements to Clinique médicale des Collines, Clinique médicale des Collines Inc.
      Clinique médicale des Collines aims to reduce waste production, consumption at the source, and compost production and get the clinic and its employees involved in the community.



      Effects of boats on the proliferation of invasive species, Municipality of La Pêche
      The Municipality would like to study the impact of boats on watermilfoil populations. The study, conducted by ABV des 7, will describe the process for restricting the use of motorized watercraft and provide an overview of alternative approaches used elsewhere in Québec.



      Recycling stations in CISSS de l’Outaouais facilities, Centre intégré de santé et des services sociaux de l’Outaouais
      The project will install ten recycling stations in the facilities at Hôpital mémorial de Wakefield, the local community services centre (CLSC), and CHSLD de La Pêche. The standardized system will allow for better residual materials management.



      Solar La Pêche, Ron Verbeek
      This educational project aims to help La Pêche become energy selfsufficient by installing photovoltaic systems. The project will inspire La Pêche residents by taking them through the process of installing a residential solar power station, step by step.



      Study for Lac Gauvreau recovery, Lac GauvrEAU Secours
      In response to the alarming invasion of water-milfoil in the lake, Lac GauvrEAU Secours and government authorities will evaluate measures to restrict the use of motorized watercraft. Organizers will work with various lake users to educate the public and raise awareness of environmental issues.



      Farmhop, Roots and Shoots Farm
      This event brings together three agricultural businesses to provide a day-long immersive farm experience for the local and urban community. It’s a unique opportunity to connect with the land and learn more about where our food comes from and the farmers who feed us.**



      Shoreline protection awareness project, Friends of the Gatineau River
      Friends of the Gatineau River produces events and educational materials to raise public awareness about how to protect our lakes and rivers. The main goals will be to protect the riparian strip, revegetate it, and encourage people to be respectful and comply with the regulations in place.



      The EZHarvester and carbon-neutral honey goal, Apiverte Inc.
      Apiverte offers beekeepers in the region a mobile honey and beeswax harvesting system. The concept includes a trailer-mounted honey harvesting station that can be operated with or without electricity. Apiverte will also educate the public on bees and the key role they play in the global ecosystem.



      *Special conditions based on approval of funding from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM)
      **Funding approved but deferred to 2021 due to the pandemic.

      See Apiverte Inc. Press release