Message from the Mayor

When I ran for mayor of La Pêche, I wanted to give my fellow citizens a new choice. In return, you entrusted me with ensuring that our Municipality is governed with transparency, efficiency, and relevance. A few specific goals are close to my heart: environmental responsibility, connectivity of our road and telecommunications networks, and harmonious development of the local economy. The municipal team’s strategy for achieving these is to partner with our many regional stakeholders.

La Pêche is 8,000 residents strong; who proudly draw on the traditions of their predecessors and fuel its thriving economy. Located in the broad-reaching Outaouais area, and seated within the National Capital Region, La Pêche shows leadership by its artistic renown, cultural expression, heritage appreciation, and ecotourism. Its 616 km2 of land, lakes and rivers can accommodate a plethora of outdoor activities, including horseback riding, golf, hunting and fishing, camping, canoeing and kayaking, skiing and snowshoeing, and hiking. In a nutshell, La Pêche is a great place to live!

Since the exploration of our great river by Nicolas Gastineau in the 17th century, since the early days of logging and log driving circa 1825, since the arrival of the first founding families in 1830, our community has grown and thrived thanks to the engagement of its citizenry. La Pêche is proud to be home to people who hold staunch to their freedom of expression and their involvement in community affairs, thereby contributing to the evolution of the services delivered by the municipality.

The adoption of the Municipality’s budget in January 2018 was the fruit of efforts to cut costs, in particular by adopting a centralized approach to allocating road network expenditures. By improving planning for this type of investment, the Municipality will be in a better position to inform citizens of work taking place in their area.

Moving forward, the Municipality will focus on strategic planning and sustainable development concepts that strike a balance between a thriving economy, a healthy environment, and a community that stands together.


Guillaume Lamoureux