2020 Annual Management Report

One of three communication objectives in the Municipality’s 2019‒2023 strategic plan is to better inform citizens about the workings of their municipal government. The Municipality therefore committed to releasing an annual report on municipal administration.

The report presents the mission of each municipal department together with the department’s members, principal achievements, annual highlights, and major projects underway.

The Municipal Council adopted its second annual management report, for 2020, and thanked all municipal employees for their commitment to La Pêche.

See the 2020 annual management report

Implementation of the Municipality’s 2019–2023 Strategic Plan got underway in 2019. Numerous projects that tie in with the strategic plan’s objectives got their start or were finalized.

At the March 2 Council meeting, the Municipality’s director general and secretary-treasurer, Marco Déry, presented Council with the Municipality’s annual activity report for 2019. The 2019 Annual Report outlines the Municipality’s main achievements in the past year by department and the projects slated for 2020.

See the 2019 annual report (in French only)