The Municipality of La Pêche, located in the Outaouais administrative region, north-west of the City of Gatineau, includes nine village clusters, namely Alcove, Duclos, East-Aldfield, Farrellton, Lac-des-Loups, Lascelles, Rupert, Sainte-Cécile-de-Masham and Wakefield. Born out of the municipal mergers undertaken by Québec’s Ministère des Affaires municipales in 1975, the Municipality covers an area of 597.74 km2, making it the largest municipality in the MRC des Collines de l’Outaouais, and one of the largest in Québec.

Nestled in the Gatineau hills, the Municipality of La Pêche has a charming rolling relief. It is crossed by the Gatineau River to the east, on a north-south axis, and bears the name of a small, fish-filled river, La Pêche, which flows into the Gatineau River at the village of Wakefield. Characterized by the beauty of its landscapes and an abundance of lakes and rivers, the Municipality has long welcomed a multitude of visitors and vacationers. In both summer and winter, it offers a large range of outdoor activities, to the great pleasure of all those who love nature.

The people of La Pêche are justifiably proud of the vitality of their municipality. La Pêche stands out as a result of its intense community life and thrilling cultural life, in any season. In addition to all kinds of initiatives and activities that spontaneously arise, numerous events take place in the territory every year: races on the Wakefield covered bridge, artists’ tours, winter carnivals, summer festivals, fall festivals, annual fairs, art festivals, writers’ festivals, the Wakefield international film festival, Christmas markets, public markets where the younger generation of farmers offer their products, garden tours, and so on. More than just a place to live, La Pêche is a lifestyle.