Recreation, Culture and Community Living

The Municipality recognizes the important role that recreation, culture and community living play in terms of:

  • improving the quality of life, well-being and overall health of the community;
  • forging ties within the community;
  • fostering a sense of belonging;
  • contributing to the economy, by attracting new residents and creating employment, among other things;
  • participating in the development of social capital.

In this context, the mandate of the Recreation, Culture and Community Living Department, in its role as a proud partner of the community, is to:

  • support and empower organizations in promoting the development of recreation (including outdoor activities and sports), culture and community living in La Pêche;
  • develop the strengths that exist in the community, ensure liaison with community organizations and contribute to the vitality of the community.

To reach its goals, the Recreation, Culture and Community Living Department has adopted a Financial Support Policy and a Sponsorship Policy (Community Partnership) through which it can provide financial support to organizations. It also participates in the development of policies encouraging inclusion and social participation of all citizens, such as the seniors’ policy.

Civic engagement

The Recreation, Culture and Community Living Department is committed to giving local residents the chance to be engaged in the municipality's thriving recreational, cultural and community life by taking advantage of opportunities to make tangible contributions whenever such activities or projects fall withen the Department's mandate.


    The Communications are part of the Recreation, Culture and Community Living department.