Fire districts

The territory of the Fire Department of the municipality of La Pêche is comprised of four districts, with a fire station in each :

District 1

Extreme = Ban

Sainte-Cécile-de-Masham, Fire Station Arthur Sincennes located at
9 Principale Ouest

District 2

Wakefield, Fire Station William (Bill) Gonzalez located at 27 Maclaren Road

District 3

Wolflake, Fire Station Arthur Saint-Louis located at 7 Caserne Road

District 4

East-Aldfield, Fire Station Eugène Bernier located at 1087 Cléo-Fournier Road

Fire brigade

Administration :

Phone: 819 456-2161 extension 2290

Benoit Chartrand, Fire Chief

Marco Renaud, Fire Department Attendant

Operations :

Captains, district 1: Stéphane Pambrun, Marco Renaud - Lieutenants, district 1: Michel Larocque.

Captain, district 2:  Étienne Langevin Robertson , Jason Prevost- Lieutenants, district 2: J ason Prevost , Jean-Sébastien Saia

Captain, district 3: Jacques Sauvé

District 1 part-time firefighters

Denis Bédard, Alain Benoit, Jeff Brousseau, Stéphane Campeau, Pierre-Louis Chartrand, Francis Cousineau, Patrick Cloutier, Alain Filiatrault-Robert, Nancy Gagné, Adam Ladouceur, Alex Ladouceur, Éric Peterson, Francis Renaud, Alexys Renaud-Vallière.

District 2 part-time firefighters

Ben Chicoine, Garry Jones, Erin Krekoski, Danny Langton, Gregory Larocque, Shawn MacDonald, Benjamin Mallory, Ian McClatchy, Kyle Morrison, Christopher Shea, Christopher St-Amand, Devorah Sugarman, Scott Taylor Bosman.

District 3 part-time firefighters

Denis Beausoleil, Bernard Bélisle, Sylvain Bélisle, Maude Bourgeois, Nicolas Ladouceur, Danny Mayer, Roch Proulx, Jonathan Robert.

District 4 part-time firefighters

Christian Bernier, Manuel Diotte, Marcel Diotte, Éric Groulx, Maxime Groulx, Michel Groulx, Danny Perrault.

The Municipality of La Pêche has a regulation on burning and Fireworks 16-RM-05

To see regulation 16-RM-05 on the burning and Fireworks, click here. (in French)

SOPFEU (Society of protection of forests against fire) informs us when there is a ban on open fire pits to our region

To see the SOPFEU website, click here.

The La Pêche Fire Department is in hiring mode currently for firefighters available during day time.

The Fire Department offers its residents a volunteer fire department. No full-time firefighter at this present time, except the Director of the service and the clerk of the service. All firefighters are equipped with a radio and have to leave their regular work or their occupations to respond to emergencies.

Conditions for admission:

    • Be minimum 18 years of age;
    • Have a valid Quebec driver’s licence;
    • Have or commit to obtaining a class 4a Quebec driver’s licence;
    • Own a vehicle;
    • Bilingual French-English;
    • Reside in La Peche or within the accepted and a maximum distance of 2 km from municipal limits;
    • Be able to work with teams, in a stress and emergency situation;
    • Succeed on the physical test;
    • Succeed on the written exam;
    • Pass the interview;
    • Be successful in 380 hours of theoretical and practical training (provincial and municipal requirements), allowed 4 years to finish maximum;
    • Attend practices organized by the Fire Department (48 hours mandatory practice per year per firefighter);
    • Be available for training and mandatory practices;
    • Be available to respond to emergency calls.

Please complete your application  and attach your resume to the attention of Marco Renaud La Peche fire Officer by email: m.renaud@villelapeche.qc.ca or sent it by mail to: following address: 1 Principale Ouest, La Pêche, Quebec J0X 2W0.

Fire Safety Cover Plan

The Fire Safety Cover Plan of the MRC des Collines-de-l'Outaouais was adopted by the Council of Mayors on February 18, 2010 and was approved by the Minister of Public Safety on August 27, 2010.

View the Fire Safety Cover Plan! (in French)