Alertes La Pêche - Automated alert system

The Municipality of La Pêche's automated alert system is designed to send you a short telephone call or message during emergency situations (boil-water advisory, evacuation order, street closure, major construction, etc.) or for any other announcement of public interest. Depending on the situation, the notice is sent to all residents or only to a specific sector.

As a citizen, you can select the way you wish to be reached (home phone, cell phone, text message, email). When answering, it is important not to hang up and listen to the entire message. This way, the system will not call you back a second time. If you are unable to answer the phone, the system will leave a message on your voice mail.

Please note that your home phone information is already in the system if you are listed in a 411 directory and you subscribe to a phone service, or if you are using the Voilà citizen portal. If you have a cell phone but not a home line, if you are a new resident or your phone number is confidential, you are not registered on the automated alert system.

To add or update your contact information, please click on the button, and follow the registration steps listed below:

  • If your home number is listed in a telephone directory (white pages) or if you are already a member of the Voilà citizen portal 

1. Click on the registration button above, enter your phone number and click on "forgot password?".

2. Enter the requested information and select a confirmation method for receiving your temporary password (text message or phone call). Click on “Send” then follow step 3 below.

  • If you are a new user 

1. Click on the registration button aboveand click "New user."

2. Enter the phone number at which you would like to receive alerts and select a confirmation method for receiving your temporary password (text message or phone call). Then enter the security verification code shown. Accept the conditions. Click “OK.”

3. The automated system will call or text you within seconds at the number you entered in the previous step to give you a six-digit code. Write it down.

4. Go back to the main menu of the Portal, enter your phone number and the temporary password you received (the 6-digit code). Click on “Login.”

5. Enter the relevant information to create your profile. To add one or more other means of communication, click “Add” in the “Contact information” section at the bottom of the page and then select the type (call, text message, or email)

6. Change your password by clicking “Change password” in the top right corner. To complete your registration, click “Confirm.”