Yard Sales

Your drawers are overflowing? You want to get rid of personal items in good condition? This is the opportunity to organize a yard sale!

At its regular meeting in June 2022, Council adopted a by-law governing yard sales on the territory of La Pêche. This new by-law provides for a specific period of the year during which yard sales are authorized: from May to October, the first weekend of the month.

The Municipality of La Pêche therefore authorizes the next yard sales on the following dates:

  • July 2 and 3
  • August 6 and 7
  • September 3 and 4
  • October 1 and 2

Also, please note that no fees or permits are required.

However, registration is required and certain rules apply :

  • Citizens are invited to register to inform the Municipality of their yard sale by sending a request via the Voilà citizen portal.

  • Registration must be done at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled date of the sale.
  • The current registration is open for the next scheduled date.
Installation requirements :
    1. Must be exercised exclusively on the private portion of the lot abutting the thoroughfare;

    2. Must be located at least 2 metres from any property line.

    3. May not be located within a visibility triangle.

    4. May not be located less than 5 metres from Highway 366 and 3 metres from Valley Drive and Riverside.

    5. May not exceed 40 m2 for an individual sale.

    6. May not exceed 500 m2 for a group sale.

You can contact Citizen Services if you have any questions or to send in a registration request by email:

Information to be included in your application by email:
  • First and last name
  • Location of the yard sale
  • Facts or other relevant information.
Click here to see all the registered adresses for the next scheduled date (August 6-7)

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