Current High-Speed Internet Options

Use the information on this page to determine your Internet options.

Corrections, etc.

If you are aware of other options or have corrections, please email us at acces.internet@villelapeche.qc.ca or via webmail (e.g. Gmail, Outlook or Yahoo).  Use the Subject re: Current High-Speed Internet Options web page


Conventional Internet Service Providers (ISPs) tend to target densely populated areas.  For example, Sainte-Cécile-de-Masham and Wakefield are examples of populated areas in La Pêche.


Recognizing that ISPs are less likely to target low-density areas, in May, 2009, the Municipalities of La Pêche and Val-des-Monts created the Non-Profit Organization (NPO) Rapide-O-Web. Its purpose is to bring High-Speed Internet to underserved areas.


Rapide-O-Web’s Internet partner is Digicom. They are the largest Wireless ISP (WISP) in Quebec.

Coverage Map

The coverage map uses color-coded shading to indicate whether a location has access to service. The color indicates the type of service (e.g. DSL) or ISP (e.g. Cogeco).

How to Read the Coverage Map

Some ISPs have provided data allowing an accurate representation of the area they serve. Other providers have not; consequently their coverage is estimated. It is important to use the coverage map with the Areas of Service section.

How to Use This Information

Use the Coverage Map to find your location.

If your address is in a shaded area:

  • Use the color of the area(s) to determine which ISP(s) provide service. Once you determine the ISP(s), consult Areas of Service for next steps.

If you are not in a shaded area:

  • Are you near DERYTele service? They may be willing to extend their network. See Extending DERYTele
  • Are you near Cogeco service? They may be willing to extend their network. See Extending Cogeco

    La Pêche Coverage Map

    Areas of Service

    As of January 21, 2021.

    Based on the type of Internet service, the Coverage Map may not be accurate.

    Vendor / Service


    Cogeco -https://www.cogeco.ca

    TekSavvy resells Cogeco under favorable terms -https://teksavvy.com/

    DERYTele -http://www.derytele.com

    • Cable ISP
    • Coverage Map data should be accurate

    Digicom -https://www.digicom.ca

    • Wireless ISP
    • If you are in a Coverage Area, contact the ISP to confirm availability


    • The DSL infrastructure is maintained by Bell Infrastructure .
    • Coverage Map is estimated and may be wrong.
    • Multiple ISPs are available and offer competitive packages - call to confirm:
             - Acanac - https://acanac.com
             - Bell Internet - https://www.bell.ca
             - TekSavvy - https://teksavvy.com
             - etc.
    • The nature of DSL is such that speeds deteriorate the further away from the distribution source
    • All areas except Wakefield are affected by evening network congestion.
    • Note: switching ISPs will not improve the problem as the Bell Infrastructure is shared by all ISPs.

    Xittel/Maskatel/Bell -https://www.xittel.net

    • Fibre-to-the-door ISP
    • Not accepting new subscribers.

    Xplornet -https://www.xplornet.com

    • Satellite ISP
    • Not on Coverage Map - call for site survey
    • Satellite is well-known to have issues with weather, latency and low data caps
    • Latency introduced by communicating through a satellite to and from the Internet

    Cellular Data

    • Mobile phone provider
    • Per GB is expensive
    • Available in many areas

    Bell Fibre

    • Bell's fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) is available in certain areas.
    • Confirm the Coverage Map by either phoning 866-310-BELL (866-310-2355) or https://www.bell.ca/Bell_Internet

    Bell Wireless

    • Bell Wireless-to-the-home
    • If you are in a Coverage Area, contact the ISP to confirm availability

    Haute vitesse - https://www.haute-vitesse.com

    • Wireless ISP
    • If  you are in a Coverage Area, contact the ISP to confirm availability

    Extending ISPs Service

    Extending Cogeco

    Cogeco will consider extending their network based on user requests. When there is a high density area near the existing edge of their network, they may extend to this area. A fee to the new users may be charged. Contact Cogeco Support to determine what data they require. Consult “cogeco support quebec” for information.

    Extending DERYTele

    DERYTele has indicated that they may be willing to extend their network to areas near their network. A fee may be required.  Neighborhoods adjacent to the existing network should group together and submit a spreadsheet with the following data per row:
    • First and last name
    • Type of service you may want - See available service at http://www.derytele.com
    • Full address - confirm via Google Maps
    • Daytime phone number
    • Evening phone number
    • Email address(es)
    Email the spreadsheet to acces.internet@villelapeche.qc.ca or via webmail (e.g. GmailOutlook or Yahoo).  Use the Subject Extending DERYTele


    The DSL infrastructure is provided by Bell. Other ISPs like TekSavvy use Bell's network and offer alternative packages.  You can learn more about their services at https://teksavvy.com

    To confirm DSL service, please contact the provider. Two examples are:

    • Bell Internet - 877.811.6899
    • TekSavvy - 877.779.1575

    DSL Limitations

    The DSL signal weakens a s it travels from the source. As the signal weakens, the maximum speed is reduced. People who live near Chemin Geggie get their DSL from the Bell building in Wakefield, across from the post office. This is a long distance for the signal to travel, consequently, the speeds are very slow.