Confidentiality of Data

Data concerning electors registered on the list of electors is used to produce lists of electors for the purpose of school, municipal, provincial or federal elections or for municipal referendums.

Protection of personal information

Consequently, all personal information found on the permanent list of electors, namely the name, age and sex of an elector is not public in nature within the meaning of the Act respecting access to documents held by public bodies and the protection of personal information.

Confidentiality of data

The National Assembly took this step to protect personal information in order to ensure the confidential nature of the information that electors provide to the Directeur général des élections du Québec for election purposes.

Legal prohibition

It is strictly prohibited to use, communicate or allow to be communicated, for purposes other than those stipulated by the electoral legislation, information pertaining to an elector without the consent of the person in question.