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Buy local: Discover Croquez l'Outaouais
June 12, 2020

To help consumers drink and eat local, and to modernize the local food directory that we've been leading for the past 10 years, the Table agroalimentaire de l'Outaouais (TAO) launched, this week, Croquez l'Outaouais!, an online bilingual directory dedicated to local food. New: this directory which already brings together more than 120 businesses, is now offered, free of charge, and also includes an interactive map which lists local food businesses by product and by service.

What is Croquez l'Outouais?

  • The only bilingual directory dedicated to the food industry
  • THE place for consumers to find local food and local food businesses
  • A free directory for local food businesses
  • A platform that also offers various tools for businesses (webinars, etc.)

Croquez l'Outaouais! is THE place to find local food and to help consumers support local producers and processors. You have a food business? Register below!