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Municipal Council to Amend Urban Planning By-Law in Zone CRT 601 – Recreation and Tourism Businesses
October 24, 2019

La Pêche, October 24, 2019. The Municipality has begun work on amending the urban planning by-law currently in effect, in order to set minimum standards for businesses that sell petroleum products. Certain uses incompatible with surrounding areas, particularly Zone Pa-604 (public and community), are also planned to be excluded from Zone CRT-601 (recreation and tourism businesses). To that end, two notices of motion were tabled at the October 7 Municipal Council meeting. The following authorized use classes should be considered incompatible with the public and community function of the surrounding area (Pa-604):

  • 5.2.2: Sale of building materials
  • 5.2.7: Retail sales of oil and gas products
  • 5.2.8: Sales and rental of passenger vehicles
  • 5.2.9: Sale, rental, repair of light vehicles
  • 5.2.10: Passenger vehicle maintenance
  • 5.2.11: Body repairing and painting

The lack of specific standards for petroleum products businesses in the municipality came to light when a building permit application was received for an island of gas dispensers with canopy (roof supported by poles). It also drew attention to the fact that some authorized uses in the area (along Chemin Riverside, from the intersection with Chemin Elmdale) do not integrate well with the surrounding areas. This is particularly the case with Zone Pa-604, where there is a housing cooperative, an elementary school, and a daycare centre (CPE).

In the absence of such minimum standards, the only applicable provisions are limited to compliance with the “visibility triangle” (required when there is an intersection) and property access provisions.

Given the principles of responsible governance and quality of life and community well-being set out in the 2019–2023 Strategic Plan, Municipal Council will adopt minimum standards to better regulate businesses selling petroleum products in areas where such use is authorized and ensure better integration with the surrounding environment.


Office of the Director General
Municipality of La Pêche

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