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Redesign of the visual identity of the municipality: why? How?
June 4, 2019

In accordance with strategic planning, the Municipality has been working for several months to revitalize municipal communications. New communication tools have been put in place to better inform citizens: new Facebook page and new e-newsletter. An update of the website is also in progress.

In this context it is also necessary to redefine the Municipality’s corporate image. La Pêche has an exceptional logo that is representative of our beautiful territory, but it does not meet the needs of the Municipality in terms of visibility.

Our current logo is more of a coat of arms than a logo. Traditionally, the coat of arms was used to identify a family, a city, a state, etc. They then became a “defacto” logo. On our current logo, the name "Municipality of La Pêche" is oftentimes unreadable, which obviously does not allow effective visual communication. This is particularly striking on promotional publications displaying the logos of various partners.

The new visual identity is a simplified graphic element that will better promote the municipality, making it shine beyond its borders (several events on our territory are internationally renowned). The intended goal of the municipal logo is to have an image that reflects territory, as expressed in the strategic plan. As such - initiatives were then started to refresh our image.

This would allow us, for example, to go from visual A to visual B or visual A to visual C, depending on the survey results.

The implementation of the new visual identity of the Municipality (like all the projects undertaken by the Municipality) will be done progressively. This process will span several years: changes will be made as needed when new orders for materials are made. The Municipality's digital tools (website, Facebook page, electronic newsletter) and the municipal newspaper will be prioritized, with very little or no investment.

Municipal Council will decide on the use of the current logo.

The consultation process for the new logo and slogan continues until Friday, June 7. To date, more than 370 citizens expressed their choice by responding to the online survey, excluding participations on a printed version available at the municipal office. The Municipality will then prepare a report on the situation.

If you have not yet fill out the survey, you can do it right below: