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Initial Information Meeting/Consultation on Short-Term Rentals
February 25, 2019

A public consultation was held on February 19 in Desjardins Hall at the La Pêche Sports Complex on draft amendments to the short-term rental bylaw. Some 76 people came to the meeting, which was called by the Municipality to give people a say on the issue. La Pêche is one of very few municipalities in Québec undertaking to regulate short-term rentals, although the issue is globally recognized as a key concern for cities.

The meeting had two parts: an information period in which Urban Planning director Marcel Marchildon took the floor to review the essentials of the issue, and a consultation period for people to share their views. This was the time to collect people’s comments and opinions and for them to get answers to their questions. For that side of it, a number of La Pêche partners were in attendance to help fill in any gaps. From the MRC des Collines came Louise Marchildon, support coordinator with Economic and Social Development, and François Lanthier, a chartered appraiser with Property Assessment. Also present at the head table were RPGL lawyer and La Pêche municipal attorney Jean-Charles Gendron to handle legal questions, La Pêche Director General Marco Déry as chair of the meeting, and of course Mayor Guillaume Lamoureux. Council members were also present in the assembly.

Views and comments from the consultation have been added to those received since, and even before, the release of the working draft at the Council meeting on December 17. Mr. Marchildon has received about 50 emails since he set up the opinion-sharing email account. All the communications received will serve as a basis for revising and improving the working document to develop a first draft of the bylaw, which will then be subject to a formal consultation process as laid out in the Land-Use Planning and DevelopmentAct.

The best way to arrive at a satisfactory regulatory framework that considers the realities of this community is for Council, the municipal administration and its partners, and all concerned citizens to work together—as they are in the Municipality of La Pêche.