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Special information session draft by-law no 17-758 Lac des Loups sector
February 2nd, 2018

Notice of a special information session and exchange on the preliminary version concerning the project of by-law no 17-758, to modify the usage authorized in the zone Ra-201 (sector of Lac des loups) and to authorize the pedestrian circuit type "forest skating" and related activities.

During the ordinary session of December 4th, 2017, a preliminary version of the first project of the by-law number 17-758, modifying the zoning by-law number 03-429 such as amended, was submitted as public information.

A special session of information and exchange on the preliminary version will be held on Wednesday, February 7th, 2018 at the Community Center of Lac des Loups situated at 6, Lionel-Beausoleil Road, at 7:00 pm.

During this special session, every person interested can express their comments, concerns and questions regarding the proposed modification.

The promoter of the project or his representative will be present to explain his project in details, answer any questions and give precision as for the activities and the arrangements planned for the short, mid and long terms commitments.

A representative of the Municipality will also be present to give all relevant information’s and procedures of the modification to the zoning by-law in accordance with statutory provisions on the arrangement and the town planning.

The special session will be presented by a "moderator", following strict procedures with a time limit assigned to every participant (speaker). All questions and answers will be posted on the web site of the Municipality.

Such an information session and exchange is not mandatory by virtue of the Law. However, it will allow the City Council to bring modifications if necessary to the project of the by-law, and minimize the impact on the neighborhood of the projected activities. It is not a question of throwing a debate, but to explain the goals of the project of the by-law and allowing the population to be better informed and being able to express themselves.

Read the first draft of the by-law number 17-758