October 15th heavy rainfall
October 18, 2017

The exceptional amount of rain on Sunday, October 15 caused overflows in a number of places around the Municipality. At the onset of the rain, the Municipality’s Public Works team took immediate preventive action by monitoring the locations likely to be a problem as well as assuring themselves of the state of the municipal infrastructures in general. This close monitoring and ongoing assessment of the situation enabled the Municipality to take charge of the most affected areas relatively quickly.

Overall, the municipal infrastructures held up well and did not incur any major damage. Unfortunately, some citizens have reported damage as a result of the onrush of water. For the people in this situation, we recommend that they contact their insurance company or contact a clean-up company.

Persons who may have issues allegedly involving municipal infrastructure may submit a claim in writing to the Municipality within 15 days of the date on which the problem occurred. For more information about the procedure to follow, please see section 1112.1 of the Quebec Municipal Code.