Regular meeting, October 4, 2022
October 4, 2022
3a - 2022-09-12 Correspondances : MAMH - Approval of borrowing by-law 22-836, decreeing a loan of $9,175,000, amended by resolution 22-248 (french only)
3b - Report of the Table agroalimentaire de l'Outaouais - June 2022 (french only)
  • Requests for minor variances:
6, chemin Mason
7, chemin Farrell
8, chemin Poplar
22, chemin Carol
42, chemin des Roches

Speed limit on chemin Passe-Partout (Adoption of by-law 22-838)

Council adopted By-law 22-838 to establish a new speed limit on chemin Passe-Partout: it will now be 30 km/h from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday to Friday. The appropriate signage will be installed by the Public Works Department in accordance with provincial standards.

Authorization of a 4-unit multi-family dwelling in the specification grid of zones Rr-304 to Rr-307 in Sainte-Cécile-de-Masham (Adoption of by-law No. 429-001-2022 amending Zoning By-Law No. 03-429)

Municipal council adopted by-law 429-001-2022 amending Zoning by-law 03-429 to authorize 4-unit multi-family dwellings in the specifications grid of zones Rr-304 to Rr-307 in Sainte-Cécile-de-Masham. An application to amend the zoning by-law had been filed to allow the construction of 4-unit multi-family dwellings at 8, chemin Sainte-Marie. The densification of urban perimeters meets regional and governmental expectations in terms of urban management. In this perspective, the municipal council wishes to take concrete actions and extend the possibility of building multi-family dwellings. Furthermore, municipal council believes that extending the amendment to zones Rr-304 to Rr-307 could also help alleviate the housing shortage in the area.

Application for financial assistance to support the management of organic composting in industrial, commercial and institutional settings

The municipal council has authorized the submission of an application for financial assistance to RECYC-QUÉBEC within the framework of the Programme de soutien à la gestion des matières organiques dans le secteur des industries, commerces et institutions (ICI) for the collection of organic materials. The expenses that are eligible for the project can be financed up to a maximum of 70% by RECYC-QUÉBEC.

Chemin Sincennes: updated schedule to replace the culvert

Financial assistance in the amount of $700,725 was granted by the Ministère des Transports du Québec for the replacement of the culvert on chemin Sincennes as part of the Programme d’aide à la voirie locale, Volet Accélération des investissements sur le réseau routier local. Following the public call for tenders for the replacement of the culvert, the prices submitted to the municipality greatly exceeded the estimates and budgets allocated. Council mandated the Public Works Department to redesign the replacement of the culvert in order to reduce costs and a pre-feasibility study confirmed the possibility of replacing the culvert with a steel-wood bridge. The cost for this new design is estimated to be less than the original culvert design.

The Public Works Department is preparing the plans and specifications for the steel-wood bridge and obtaining a certificate of authorization from the Ministère de l’Environnement et de la Lutte contre les changements climatiques. Consequently, the schedule for the replacement of the culvert on chemin Sincennes will be revised.

Appointment of Citizen Members to the Planning Advisory Committee for the Years 2022/2024

Municipal council appointed, in accordance with by-law 09-543, the following people as citizen-members of the Planning Advisory Committee (PAC), including their position and term of office, as per the table:


Position on the committee

Term of office 

Michèle Labelle

Member representing lake associations

2 years

Catherine Filion

Member representing the agricultural community

2 years

Michel Lesage


2 years

Nicolas Brodeur


2 years

Philippe Van Dyk


2 years

Daniel Fournier


1 year

Martin Croteau


1 year

The elected members of the PAC are Pamela Ross (Chair), Richard Gervais (Vice-Chair) and Pierre LeBel (member). The Mayor is an ex-officio member of the committee.

Contract awarded: Pre-purchase and installation of the wood structure of the future town hall

The Municipality had issued a call for tenders for the pre-purchase and installation of the wood structure of the future town hall in August 2022. An analysis of the tenders was carried out by the Municipality as well as by the firm Latéral, structural engineers. According to the recommendations made, the municipal council awarded the contract to Ambiance Bois Inc. for a sum of $1,788,720 plus taxes, as stipulated in the call for tenders.

Privacy and Information Security Policy Adopted

Municipal council adopted the Privacy and Information Security Policy as presented. According to Bill 64, la Loi modernisant des dispositions législatives en matière de protection des renseignements personnel (S.Q. 2021 c. 25), assented to on September 22, 2021, the Municipality must put in place a policy that determines the procedures to be followed in the event of privacy incidents.

Updated Recognition and Support Policy for Community Organizations Adopted

Municipal council adopted the Recognition and support policy for community organizations. As part of its 2019-2023 strategic plan, one of the Municipality's commitments was to revise its financial support policy for organizations, which dates back to 2015. Council is of the view that the quality of life of citizens, the well-being of the community and a "proud partner" approach with community organizations are at the heart of the guiding principles and development vision behind the strategic plan. As a result, applications for support in 2023 are currently being accepted until November 11.

An extraordinary municipal council meeting is scheduled for October 24, 2022.

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