Regular meeting, September 8, 2020
September 8, 2020

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    Council meeting summary

    Planned murals at École Au Cœur des Collines (La Pêche building) and at the spring in Wakefield

    Place des artistes de Farrellton (PAF) has received close to $24,000 in funding as part of the government of Québec’s CovidArt program. The plan is to produce four 10 foot by 10 foot outdoor murals, including two in La Pêche: one on the exterior wall of École primaire Au Cœur des Collines (La Pêche building), and one at the spring in Wakefield.

    PAF needed permission from the Municipality for the mural at the Wakefield spring. Council, seeing the project as a great way to showcase La Pêche’s cultural and artistic vitality, authorized PAF to go forward with the mural for the 2020–2021 season.

    Purchase of a barrier for blocking and diverting floodwaters

    The Municipality has purchased a floodwater barrier and diverter for protecting municipal infrastructure in the event of floods. The effects of climate change on La Pêche in recent years weighed into Council’s resolution to acquire the barrier, at a cost of $3,290, to prevent future problems.

    Purchase and installation of a psychomotor circuit/block playground module for Parc de la Rivière.

    As part of the ongoing playground upgrade, La Pêche launched a call for bids for the new playground module in Parc de la Rivière. Two bids were received and studied by the selection committee, using weighted assessment criteria to choose the best equipment and services.

    Based on the total price and points awarded, Council accepted Jambette’s bid at $48,200.

    The new equipment will be installed soon.

    Major emergency repairs to Chemin Parent
    Emergency repairs recently had to be made to a culvert near 665 chemin Parent. The 30-foot culvert was in danger of collapsing because of a bad leak. For safety reasons, the road was closed to traffic for a week while work was underway, and a detour was put in place.

    The emergency repairs cost roughly $30,000 out of the special repair and maintenance fund for public roads in the Municipality of La Pêche.

    Mayor’s report of the highlights of the 2019 financial report and the external auditor’s report

    Mayor Guillaume Lamoureux presented the highlights of the 2019 financial report and the external auditor’s report at the Municipal Council meeting on Tuesday, September 8, 2020.

    The full report is available on the La Pêche website.

    Special thanks for the award of a grant to repair Chemin Riverside

    The mayor thanked municipal officials on Council’s behalf for their hard work in obtaining a grant for $2,421,983 from the Government of Québec. The grant was awarded through the Redressement des infrastructures routières locales (RIRL) component of the Government of Québec’s assistance program for local road projects, and will be used by La Pêche for repairs to Chemin Riverside, between Chemin Rockhurst and the Municipality of Chelsea. Council saluted the dedication of the team in their continued efforts to land grants from higher levels of government.

    MNA Robert Bussière and his team were also singled out for their hard work and their great collaboration with La Pêche in advancing projects that make a difference to the community, such as the École au Cœur des Collines expansion, CLSC relocation, CHSLD expansion, repairs to Route 366, and the hunt for investments to expand Internet coverage.

    Table agroalimentaire de l’Outaouais (TAO) hired to consult with local farming stakeholders and conduct diagnostics

    Goal 9 of the 2019–2023 Strategic Plan is to help draft MRC des Collines’s agricultural development plan by mobilizing La Pêche’s farming community in support of a common vision. Although the Municipality has a farming commission, it lacks the in-house resources to deal with agrifood issues. We do however have some funding capacity that we can invest in improving our services and support for the agrifood sector. The Municipality will be supported in this by Table agroalimentaire de l’Outaouais (TAO), a leader in its field known for bringing together and growing the agrifood sector in the Outaouais.

    The TAO team has the expertise and skills to help the Municipalitybetter serve local farm and agrifood stakeholders. TAO has submitted a proposal to the Municipality to consult with local farm and agrifood stakeholders and conduct diagnostics on the Municipality’s agrifood rules and services, as well as to make recommendations on how to serve the sector better. Council accepted TAO’s service offer and paid $6,525 for completion of the contract.