Regular meeting, August 3, 2020
August 3rd, 2020

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        Council Meeting Summary

        • Call for project proposals for the development of independent public library collections

        The call for project proposals for the development of independent public library (IPL) collections is an initiative by the Québec Ministère de la Culture et des Communications (MCC) that provides financial support to help public libraries develop their local collections. To receive the MCC grant, the Municipality must contribute at least 10% of funds used to develop library collections. In addition, MCC has asked the Municipality to confirm its commitment to financing the  entire project, including the MCC grant.
        Given that for 2020 the Municipality has planned for a total of about $13,000 in acquisition costs (all documents combined), Municipal Council confirmed to MCC that the 2020 project to develop independent library collections, including the MCC grant, will be self-financing, and that Marco Déry, director general and secretary-treasurer, has been tasked with producing and submitting a request for financial assistance as part of the call for project proposals for the development of IPL collections.

        • JFSA tasked with drawing up corrective plans and authorization certificate requested for Chemin Gauvin

        In the fall of 2019, the Municipality of La Pêche began corrective work on Chemin Gauvin in response to the flooding that occurred that spring. The purpose was to provide residents with lasting protection against spring flooding. In November 2019, while construction was underway, the Municipality received a notice of non-compliance from Ministère de l’Environnement et de la Lutte contre les changements climatiques (MELCC). The Municipality was required to stop all work on Chemin Gauvin immediately until further notice.

        To comply with MELCC’s requirements, Council decided by resolution to bring in two environmental experts to advise it how to proceed. Those two experts are now working hard to find solutions so that the Municipality can resume construction on Chemin Gauvin.

        • Council meeting by videoconference and/or phone conference

        Ministerial Order 2020-049 of July 4, 2020, allows for the safe resumption of public, in-person council meetings. However, the Municipality deems that the safety measures required to resume in-person meetings would be difficult to apply in the Municipality’s situation. Moreover, the use of videoconferencing and/or phone conferencing software such as Zoom makes it possible to meet public safety objectives and broadcast Council meetings to the public—and the rate of public participation in videoconference meetings is actually higher than that for in-person meetings.
        Municipal Council will continue to hold live Council meetings using video/teleconferencing software until it is able to ensure the safety of all those attending in-person meetings.

        • Addition to By-law 15-683 – Fees applicable to goods, services, equipment and selected requests – La Pêche Sports Complex

        Given that the Municipality has been fully responsible for managing the sports complex since September 1, 2019, the rental fees for the sports complex and the Desjardins Room must be integrated into By-law 15-683 – Fees applicable to goods, services, equipment and selected requests. Municipal Council therefore authorizes the addition of Section F applicable to the rental of the skating rink and the Desjardins Room to By-law 15-683.

        • Offer to purchase Lot 4 456 327 P from Ministèere des Transports du Québec (MTQ)

        MTQ owns a lot located in the Alcove sector where illegal parking is causing safety issues for residents. This lot is used by some waterfront property owners to access their properties and by municipal emergency services to access public safety facilities (water access ramp).

        As a result, Municipal Council is asking MTQ to transfer a portion of the lot in question in exchange for payment of all professional service fees.