Regular meeting, July 6, 2020
July 6, 2020

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  • Interest rate and deadline changes for 2020 tax payments
Municipal Council extended the no-interest period for tax payments and other amounts due to September 16, 2020. The interest rate will go up to 7% as of September 17. It should be noted that prior to the exceptional circumstances arising from the pandemic, the interest rate on all outstanding municipal charges was 14%.

Moreover, taxpayers who need to spread out their tax payments to lessen the burden can always reach a payment agreement with the Municipality. Those who wish to do so should contact the Finance Department and ask them to make the necessary arrangements.

  • Financial support – Lake associations

Municipal Council has granted $4,656 in financial support to lake associations for their role in helping the environment (water quality analysis, water milfoil monitoring) and to allow them to continue their lake conservation awareness campaigns. Support was provided to the following associations: Les Amis de la Rivière Gatineau ($1,890*), Lac Bernard ($1,036), Lac Gauvreau ($930), Lac Jean Venne ($400), and Lac Ricard ($400).
*Annual Gatineau River sampling program

  • More support for meals on wheels – Maison de la famille l’Étincelle

Municipal Council has increased financial support to Maison de la famille l’Étincelle for its meals-on-wheels program, which provides affordable meals to seniors aged 55 and over with physical or mental health issues. This $1,500 financial contribution will allow the organization to serve more people for an additional eight weeks.

The first meals-on-wheels grant was awarded at the April 2020 Council meeting.

  • Municipal Water Infrastructure Program (PRIMEAU) – Financial assistance application to Ministère des Affaires Municipales et de l’Habitation (chemin Riverside and chemin de la Légion)

Municipal Council has passed two separate resolutions approving a financial assistance application to Ministère des Affaires Municipales et de l’Habitation in order to carry out a feasibility study and prepare plans and specifications for wastewater treatment in the Wakefield sector. This sewer extension project is in line with the objectives of the Municipal Strategic Plan 2019–2023. The two areas in question are chemin de la Légion and chemin Riverside, east of chemin Rockhurst to the municipal boundary. A public consultation will be held very soon —August 2020 at the latest—before proceeding with the grant application process.

  • Call for tenders for sidewalk extension on route Principale Est

Sidewalk extension work is required on route Principale Est between chemin Gosselin and chemin Kennedy. Municipal Council has therefore awarded a sidewalk construction contract ($861,945) and a quality and quantity control contract ($11,774).

  • Public Art Acquisition Project, Cultural Development Agreement – “Hill and Water Trail”

As part of the 2018–2020 Cultural Development Agreement between MRC des Collines-de-l’Outaouais and Ministère de la Culture et des Communications, Les Collines municipalities are entitled to a $10,700 grant for the purpose of acquiring a second work of public art. The Recreation, Culture and Community Living Commission unanimously recommended the acquisition of this work of art.

Municipal Council has therefore authorized the Recreation Department to proceed with this project and has instructed the Recreation Commission to create a working committee. The location of the work of art will be determined at a later date.

  • Adoption of borrowing bylaws for various projects

Following the notice of motion tabled at previous meeting, borrowing bylaw 20-809 for the purchase and delivery of composting bins was passed ($256,179). In addition, notices of motion were tabled for the following projects:

  • Conversion of street lights for $285,325 ( By-law 20-814 ). This initiative will save on operating and maintenance costs, with a return on investment expected within five years of project completion.
  • Roadwork at a curve on chemin Clark for $1,183,622 ( By-law 20-815 )
  • Roadwork on chemin Riverside for $2,859,843 ( By-law 20-816 )

Note that roadwork on chemin Clark and chemin Riverside is conditional on obtaining a provincial grant (50% of the costs for chemin Clark and 75% for Riverside) since these projects are included in the 2015–2020 Local Road Infrastructure Action Plan (PIIRL). Administered by Ministère des Transports du Québec (MTQ), the program aims tooptimize local road investments with priority given to infrastructure work. The action plan is also intended to help MTQ fulfill its role of ensuring safe travel and mobility throughout Québec.

  • Adoption of By-law 20-813 amending By-law 19-791 on speed limits in residential areas and on other roads

By-law 20-813 changes the speed limits on certain roads. For example, the speed limit is now 30 km/h on chemin Butternut, 40 km/h on chemin Schnob and chemin de la Prairie, and 50 km/h on chemin Saint-Louis, chemin du Lac Bernard, chemin Bernier, chemin Cléo-Fournier (from number 771 to the intersection of chemin Bernier and chemin du Lac Sinclair), and chemin des Érables (from chemin McCrank to route 105).

The Public Works Department will be changing the signs in the next few weeks.

  • Request for assistance from Ministère des Affaires municipales et de l’habitation

In May 2020, Vice-présidence à la vérification de la Commission municipale du Québec submitted its audit report on permit and certificate management. Considering that an action plan will be required to implement the recommendations and that the Municipality of La Pêche is allowed to request that the person in charge of the action plan receive assistance from Direction régionale de l’Outaouais du Ministère des Affaires municipales et de l’Habitation for the purpose of developing and carrying out the action plan, Municipal Council has authorized the Director General to submit a request for such assistance.

  • Announcements and appointments – Head of Citizen Services position

Municipal Council wishes to improve services to residents by setting up a one-stop shop to facilitate customer service. Council has therefore approved the creation of a new position in the coming months to set up this gateway for communicating with the Municipality’s various departments. This move stems directly from the Municipality’s Strategic Plan 2019–2023 and aims to improve quality of service, provide feedback to residents, and more. Following an external selection process, Ms. Annie Schnob has been selected to serve as Head of Citizen Services. Congratulations Ms. Schnob.