Regular and extraordinary meeting - December 16, 2019
December 16, 2019

Extraordinary meeting - Approval of the 2020 budget - 7:30 p.m.

Séance ordinaire - 20 h

Some decisions of the regular meeting

    • Repairs and improvements to municipal infrastructure 
    Municipal Council wishes to undertake maintenance and improvement work for certain municipal roads in 2020 and 2021. A timetable has been prepared that takes into account the following considerations: public safety, road drainage, the grades recommended by the external firm in the 2009–2014 roadwork plan, the damage caused by the 2017 and 2019 floods, and short and medium term development projects.

    The roadwork will be handled by internal resources (public works employees) or contractors, depending on the availability of internal resources, the timetable, and any emergencies that may arise.

    With this resolution, Council authorizes the work as described in the 2020–2021 Plan, with the understanding that the timetable may be revised depending on the circumstances, emergencies, and other considerations and opportunities.

    • Notice of motion and By-law 20-801 to establish the property tax rates and fees for the fiscal year, the levying conditions, and the tax for household waste and recycling collection for 2020

    Once the 2020 budget is adopted, Council will adopt Draft By law 20-801, which establishes the property tax rates for 2020 as well as the fees for the following services:

    • Property Tax Rates: For budget expenses that are not otherwise covered and to service the debts on bylaws that benefit all residents (a summary table of loan capital and interests is included in the draft bylaw for reference).
    • Recreation Fee: For expenses related to recreation, culture, and community life.
    • Fire Department Fee: For expenses related to the Fire Department. This fee is new in 2020 and covers 50% of the cost of the department. The rest is covered by the general tax.
    • Public Safety Fee: For expenses related to the MRC des Collines-de-l’Outaouais Public Safety Department. As with the Fire Department fee, this is a new fee that covers 25% of the cost of the department. See the Message from the Mayor for more information.
    • Green Fund Contribution: To fund sustainable development and environmental protection projects.
    • Local Improvements: Expenses for local improvements to cover the capital and interest on the borrowing bylaws involved (see the list in the draft bylaw).
    • Household Waste Fee: Expenses for the collection of household waste (see the amounts for the different categories listed in the draft bylaw).

    As a reminder, Council adopted this resolution at the regular meeting on December 2. The taxes are now payable in three instalments whenever the total amount is $300 or more.

    Funding for lake associations

    Funding has been granted to the following lake associations as per the Municipality of La Pêche’s funding policy for the environmental sector. It allows associations to help improve the environment by testing the quality of their lake water, tracking the spread of water milfoil, and running lake conservation awareness campaigns.



    Lac à l’Ile


    Lac Lola


    Lac des Loups


    Lac Sinclair


    Lac Teeples


    • Notice of motion and adoption of Draft By law 20-802 and Draft Concordance By law 20-803 amending Master Development Plan 03-428 (Pa and Ra designated areas)

    In January 2013, the Municipality of La Pêche acquired two lots located along Chemin Raphaël (see the map in the draft bylaw) with the purpose of creating a reserve of lots for public and community use.
    By law 03-428 for the Master Development Plan and Zoning By Law 03-429, which were adopted in 2003 and came into effect in April 2004, have not yet been amended to reflect this acquisition of lots primarily for public and community use.
    To avoid any delays in future public and community projects, it is important to get a procedure underway to amend Master Development Plan 03 428 and draft a concordance bylaw to modify Concordance By law 03 429.

    • Appointment of a Director and a Coordinator for the Public Works Department 

    Following the pre selection of candidates undertaken by the Fédération québécoise des municipalités (FQM) Human Capital Management Department, Council is confirming the appointment of two members of the Public Works team:

    • Chouaib Guelmami is confirmed as the new Director of the Public Works Department. He had been acting as interim director since July 2019 and was previously a coordinator in the same department. Mr. Guelmami is an engineer by training and has extensive experience in public works, including in a municipal setting. Congratulations, Mr. Guelmami!

    • Philippe Beaudoin is confirmed as a Project Manager for the Public Works Department. Mr. Beaudoin is a member in good standing of Ordre des technologues du Québec and had been working as a project manager for a public body in the area. His project management expertise is well known and will help him support the current team to see its many public works projects through to their successful completion. The Department is very pleased to have Mr. Beaudoin on the team!

    • Support for Cogeco – Régions Branchées RFP, Québec haut débit program

    A “Régions branchées” request for proposals was recently launched through the “Québec haut débit” program to support projects that aim to offer residents, organizations, and businesses in rural areas access to high speed Internet (HSI) that is comparable in quality and cost to the HSI available in urban areas. In May 2019 the Council of Mayors of MRC des Collines adopted a resolution supporting Cogeco’s efforts to obtain subsidies to bring its fibre optic network to the MRC. Many of the sectors that stand to benefit from the project are in the Municipality of La Pêche; the project would therefore meet the needs of La Pêche residents, especially since Cogeco is also in negotiations with the CRTC to allow new competitors to enter the cellphone market.

    With this resolution and in accordance with the Municipality’s objective, stated in the 2019–2023 Strategic Plan, to “Help develop Internet and cellular connectivity by mobilizing our partners,” Council is supporting the “Régions branchées” proposal submitted by Cogeco as well as the company’s negotiations with the CRTC. Council also undertakes to help Cogeco bring its fibre optic network to the area by allowing the company to use the fibre optics that CSPO is preparing to cede to the Municipality, and invites neighbouring municipalities to support the resolution. A copy of the resolution has been sent to MNA Robert Bussière and MNA William Amos.

    Change to the Info La Pêche contract

    In fall 2018, a survey was conducted to assess the efficacy of Info La Pêche. The assessment led to digital initiatives such as the creation of an e newsletter and the La Pêche Facebook page.

    More than two years after the launch of the new format for the municipal briefs and following a consultation with the community organizations that promote their activities in Info La Pêche, the time has come to reduce the number of issues published per year, notably for environmental reasons.

    With this resolution, Council is authorizing a change to the publishing contract for Info La Pêche to bring the number of issues down to four (4) per year and increase the total number of pages in each issue, effective January 2020, at a cost of $2,850 plus tax per issue.

    Currently there is no plan to publish an issue for the month of January. The editorial calendar for 2020 will be available early in the new year.

    • Support for our sister city Roquebrune-sur-Argens in response to the recent floods 

    Several regions in the south of France have experienced serious flooding, including Roquebrune-sur-Argens, our sister city since 2006. Municipal Council is expressing its solidarity with Roquebrune-sur-Argens by sending a copy of this resolution to the mayor of the town, Jean-Paul Ollivier.

    • Notice of motion and introduction of Draft By law 20-804 announcing a $1,257,056 expenditure and a $1,257,056 loan for professional engineering services, drawings and specifications for various roads, and drawings and specifications for a new City Hall

    Draft By law 20-804 will allow Council to have drawings and specifications prepared for various roads and for the new City Hall as described in the detailed estimates included in the draft bylaw.