Regular meeting, November 4
November 4, 2019

Some decisions of the Council:

    Approval in principle – Creation of first responder department and order to update policy on working conditions for Municipality of La Pêche firefighters
    The size of the Municipality of La Pêche can present an additional challenge for the ambulance department, given the systems of coverage currently in place. La Pêche firefighters could be called in as backup for certain emergency medical services. They would receive the necessary training as well as receive free medical equipment in order to be able to offer these services.
    Given the size of our municipality and our aging population, Municipal Council believes the creation of a first responder department is worth considering. Municipal Council therefore gives the administration its approval to conduct a more in-depth analysis of the proposal.
    In a second resolution, Council directed the Director General and the head of the Fire Department to update the policy on working conditions for Municipality of La Pêche firefighters, adopted in August 2017. This process is necessary due to the various proposals underway, including the creation of a first responder department as mentioned above and the plan currently under consideration to establish a firefighting watch. The latter would be a pilot project where the Fire Department would have two guaranteed resources on site from Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., to respond to emergency calls.

    Adoption of the first Draft By-law 19-798 modifying Zoning By-law 03-429 as amended (Special provisions – Businesses that sell petroleum products)
     This first draft bylaw adds additional limitations on where businesses that sell petroleum products can be located, specifically regarding the surface area and dimensions of the property, the building, the fuel pump island, and the canopy (roof supported by poles). These standards ensure there is sufficient accessibility, visibility, and space for traffic around the business.

    Adoption of the first Draft By-law 19-799 modifying Zoning By-law 03-429 as amended (change to authorized use in Zone CRT-601)
    This first draft bylaw aims to exclude the following uses from Zone CRT-601 (recreation and tourism businesses):
    • 5.2.2: Sale of building materials
    • 5.2.7: Retail sales of oil and gas products
    • 5.2.8: Sales and rental of passenger vehicles
    • 5.2.9: Sale, rental, repair, and maintenance of light vehicles
    • 5.2.10: Passenger vehicle repairs and maintenance
    • 5.2.11: Body repairing and painting
    Note that this exclusion only applies to future projects in these categories. Existing businesses and those already underway before the bylaw’s adoption have grandfather rights.

    Adoption of the second Draft By-law 19-794 modifying Zoning By-law 03-429 as amended (additional use – Zone Ra-304)
    This second draft bylaw adds an additional use of services and artisanal production in Zone Ra-304. This zone is located in the multipurpose centre of Sainte-Cécile-de-Masham and includes the properties along Chemin Annette-Renaud, Chemin Carol, Chemin Edgar, Chemin Gaétan, Chemin Gérald, Chemin Jean, Chemin Lorette, and Chemin Norman, as well as some properties along Chemin Gilbert and Chemin Jérôme.

    Adoption of By-law 19-795 modifying Master Development Plan 03-428 as amended (CRT and RA designated areas)
    The purpose of this bylaw is to update the boundaries of an area designated for recreation and tourism businesses (CRT) to include a portion of a low-density residential (Ra) area adjacent to it. These designated areas correspond to Zones CRT-602 and Ra-604 on Zoning Plan No. PZ-03 (3/5) accompanying Zoning By-law No. 03-429 as amended.

    Municipal Council meeting schedule
    Municipal Council adopted its meeting schedule for 2020. Unless otherwise indicated, meetings will be held as usual in the Desjardins Room at the Sports Complex (20 chemin Raphaël) at 7:30 p.m. on the following dates:
    January 13
    February 3
    March 2
    April 6
    May 4
    June 1
    July 6
    August 3
    September 8 (Tuesday)
    October 5
    November 2
    December 7

    New assistant mechanic position
    Municipal Council is creating a permanent, full-time assistant mechanic position in the Public Works Department in response to a pressing need for preventive maintenance on our municipal fleet and to reduce pressure on repair budgets, unexpected equipment breakage, and the resulting impact on operations.

    Planning and environment inspector hired
    During the August regular meeting, Council approved the creation of a new inspector position in the Urban Planning and Environment Department. This decision was motivated by growing environmental challenges, the volume of cases the Urban Planning Department has to manage, and the Municipality’s strategic objective to protect the environment and improve quality of living as per the 2019 strategic plan.
     A rigorous selection of internal and external candidates ultimately led us to confirm Robert Laviolette in the position of inspector.
    Congratulations to Mr. Laviolette.